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In Our Time, when We all zhyvem in one "hromadnoy wood" who do not would like to see bы detail to learn and concepts, something such America , Edinstvennaya remaining t everybody myre sverhderzhava and, for the most schet itself krupneyshaya Nation ? Many chertы US-Seal dovolno bystro rasprostranylys everybody to light. But even such Rodnoy everybody feeling - "as in the Movies" kotoroe yspыtыvaet man, For the first okazavshyysya in America , zachastuyu bыvaet deceptively. For a video vыveskoy syyayuschey ulыbky, zapechatlennoy the "lyke" populyarnoy culture, skrыvaetsya Very mnohoobraznoe and slozhno ustroennoe society, polnoe contradictions. External sosedstvuet well-being here with faktycheskoy bednostyu and odnoэtazhnыe provyntsyalnыe towns tesnyatsya Among hromozdyaschyhsya mehapolysov to heaven. Americans - people and cultural predpryymchyvыy udachlyvыy, obladayuschyy samыmy peredovыmy technology: After all ymenno îíè otpravyly pervogo man on the moon, and now, at opyrayas nauchnыe Latest achievements, zahlyadыvayutsya to Mars. Other blank everybody Co., Americans - and people vыsokoduhovnыy myloserdnыy, deeply pochytayuschyy church and always come to hotovыy vыruchku, though bezvozmezdno.

Ystynnыe Dimensions and American Variety Even difficult present themselves. Yes As a single glance obъyat a country, kotoraja lies chasovыh six zones?
And here you pomozhet svoeho this site-Rod "kulturnыy putevodytel" in America, ohromnoy country, the Community predstavlyayuschey soboj velychayshee people. Site poznakomyt you with a presentation of osnovnыmy Ideal, Thanks to kotorыm sformyrovalos amerykanskoe society. More Topics, something îíè rukovodyat behavior and vzaymootnoshenyem Americans Everywhere home , at work and on the street. Vы poslushaete, How betsya pulse sehodnyashney of America. As always in progress ostrye Peace, America stremytsya Save sobstvennыe konstytutsyonnыe principles and with everybody Volume ÎÍÀ neset responsibility for vydnoe Pos edynstvennoy own way in the world sverhderzhavы.Takzhe vы prosledyte on topics As Americans conduct themselves at work, at home and in recreation.

As Voznyknuv ymmyhrantov Nation, America always otkrыta for guests. Foreigners here zhdut meeting with striking, and эnerhychnыmy radushnыmy people , hotovыmy Accept you as Kaki vы is. Not worth opasatsya, something you do not poymut in this neprynuzhdenno spokoynom society, Even If by chance vы permissible Kaku-anybody "kulturolohycheskuyu" bobble. In this, however, is not worth polahatsya on oschuschenye polnoy safety, because the Ono Can podvesty.


Americans strongly veryat, something s Country - the most luchshaya in the world. Sincerely manifestation k s Vereya and mylыm Ideal hearts - and will get you Friends.
In Conclusion - malenkaya reservations. Avto vivid descriptions nation number 290 myllyonov man, shyrokaya Need a brush. Therefore obobschenyya, co everybody s Graham - Cause neyzbezhnoe. So let's traces something simple rules: uznavay and deystvuy, Only deystvuy cautious. In other words, something First set foot on the field intercultural communication, neploho bы know exactly Where and why do ydesh!










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